Medical Examinations. 


I am able to undertake the following medical examinations:

  • HSE Commercial Diving Reference No; 01-24-01

  • Oil and Gas UK Offshore medical examinations.

               Reference No: OGUK/2001/364

  • CAA CAA Class 1 + 2, LAPL and Cabin Crew medical examinations AME No.: 438319B

  • Wind Farm Medicals using Renewable UK Guidelines.

  • Other: HGV, Taxi etc.

  • ENG1 Seafarers (from Immingham only)

Where and how to make appointments.

I undertake HSE Commercial Diving Medicals, OGUK, HGV, Windfarm and all Aviation medical from this address.
Preferably text or email me. If you call and I don't answer leave message. 07770 632893 or
Monday morning Friday Afternoons.

***When trying to book an appointment it is useful to say where you would like it and what day is best.
Please note I ONLY book Cranswick - Immingham should go through OHS.***

I undertake all types of medicals at this address. They are booked through OH Services on 01469 571030. (I do not book appointments from this address directly)

Tuesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.

Photo ID

Please bring some form of photo ID to every medical. This is required and I might not be able to proceed with the medical unless I see some form of Photo ID: Photo Driving Licence, Passport are the best.
Credit cards etc. are not acceptable.

I undertake all medicals from two addresses:


My home office:


5 Station Road


East Yorkshire

YO25 9QZ

What 3 words:


I prefer to be contacted initially by either e-mail ( or text on my mobile: 07770 632893. This also gives me your contact details.


I am now also able to undertake Commercial Diving Medicals, ENG1 (Seafarers Medicals) and Aviation medicals from my work at OH Services in Immingham.


This service is run through OH Services Ltd. in Immingham, and therefore they should be contacted directly to make an appointment at this venue:

35 Craik Hill Avenue


DN40 1LP


Contact details: 01469 571030


Please note that the pricing structure is different from that advertised on my web page for medicals undertaken at my home address. You should contact OH Services for a price quote.


I pride myself in trying to be as accommodating as possible, so please contact me to discuss your requirements.  


I am now able to take card payments as well as cash/cheque and Bank Transfer. I reserve the right to charge an extra fee to cover charges on Card Payments.

Privacy Policy

I do not collect any data from these pages. They are for information only.

No cookies are collected .

The only information I receive, is the number of people viewing the site, the pages visited  where in the world they are accessing the site from.





Cabin Crew Medicals

Now that we have left EASA, I can only undertake CAA UK cabin Crew medicals. I cannot undertake EASA cabin crew medicals (usually for Ryan Air). Please check with your airline before approaching me for a medical.

You will need to access an AME that can undertake EASA Medicals.

Brexit and Aviation

As we have now left Europe, this has consequences for the aviation industry and in particular medicals. I am no linger an EASA AME and therefore am unable to undertake any medicals of pilots from Europe. 

Some doctors are trying to become dual registered, but it is proving difficult at the moment. 

Medicals of pilots whose SOLI is outside the UK (and in Europe), will either have to find a dual registered AME or obtain a medical in a European country. Some of my AME colleagues have, or are in the process of getting EASA approval. I will not be doing so, but the following local colleagues do undertake them:

Dr Justin Carter:

Dr Mushkoor, Text enquiries to: 0781 0550 417

Re: UK LAPL's. All EASA LAPL's have now become UK LAPL's. At the moment, this means that pilots using LAPL medicals are unable to fly abroad, and will need to convert back to Class 2 (if their health allows - remember, this medical is assessed at a higher level than the LAPL)


Important to all pilots

Cellma is the new CAA computer system. It will create a portal that pilots, AME, Instructors etc. will go into to manage all pilots flying needs.

You will be required to create a username and password to access, and then apply to CAA for access.

For your medical:

You will need to do the above. The once you have approval (allow 10days), you go in an apply for your medical. This will involve filling in your Med 160 application form online, AND pay the CAA their administration fee (£14 Class 1 and £8 Class 2). LAPL's are free.

ONLY then, can you apply to an AME to undertake your medical. If you arrive having not undertaken these steps - YOU WILL NOT GET A MEDICAL. I will have no access to your records.

Details are on the CAA website:

Also please look at this: Click here. 


Medical Expiry.

Did you know that for certain medicals you can have you medicals done early, before the expiry date, and still keep the same expiry date. Meaning no rush to get medicals in near the expiry date.

For HSE Commercial divers: You can have you medical up to 28 days early and still keep the same expiry date.
For CAA Aviation medicals:  You can have you medical up to 45 days early and still keep the same expiry date.

Pilots Submitting Reports

Commonly, you will need to submit Medical Reports about any conditions you have in a format acceptable to the CAA. This need to be in a scanned, PDF format. (not word or any other variant).


Reports submitted in a format unacceptable to the CAA will be rejected and unfortunately, rejected reports will often return to the ‘back of the queue’ causing significant delays in considering your case.


It is vital that the content and quality of submitted reports is adequate to avoid these delays (and the additional work caused to all involved).


Emailing me photos of crumpled, barely legible bits of paper is not acceptable, as is text messages with photos of documents.


About Me

I qualified at St.Bartholomews hospital in 1983.

Following my VTS training in North Wales I have been a GP in East Yorkshire since apart from a short time out when I helped set up the Midlands Diving Chamber in Rugby


I am currently  Occupational Health Physician in Immingham. We live in Cranswick in East Yorkshire with my wife and our dog Rufus.


My main hobbies include Zwifting/ TTT racing, endurance cycling and Flying from Full Sutton Airfield.


I am a member of BSAC Hull 14 (website here) and am an Advanced Instructor and Trimix trained. My main diving interests are photography, particularly in the challenging waters of the North Sea.


As a PPL holder, I fly from Full Sutton (website here) and have a share in G-BATV a PA 28. My furthest trips have been to France and Ireland. I have a Night Rating and IMC.


My other passions are my new bike: a Triumph T120 Bonneville and a Specialised Roubraix Road bike.

My next Charity Challenge (to be undertaken with my wife), is to explore the coastal area of Thailand. (Covid permitting).