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CAA Class 1 Medical  (Renewal/ Revalidation): £180  Includes ECG/Blood test 


CAA Class 2 Medical (First): £160  Includes ECG


CAA Class 2 Medical (Revalidation/Renewal): £160      Includes ECG if needed


LAPL: £160


Consultation charges (outside a medical): per 15min allocation: £40


Cabin Crew Medicals: £120

CAA Exercise Bronchial Reactivity Test: £150


ECG reading by cardiologist: Please note that I do not charge extra for this service. The charge is directly related to how much the cardiologist charges which is currently £25.


CAA / LAPL Consultation charges


AMEs are now responsible for dealing with all casework for Class 1, 2 and LAPL including limitations and making 'fit' or 'unfit'. This will occur time and I reserve the option to charge by the 15mins allocation.


Diving and Offshore


HSE Commercial Medical (First): £160           Includes ECG but not x-rays (if needed)

HSE Commercial Medical(renewal): £160      Includes ECG


Oil Examiners UK Offshore Medial: £150         Includes ECG (if necessary) and audiometry (hearing test) but not

                                                                          x- rays   (if needed)  

OEUK and Chester: £160

Other Medicals


Wind Farm Medicals: £160 (includes Chester Step). 


Parachute Medicals: £100

HGV/Taxi etc: £110

Other sport medicals: £80 -110 (dependant on work involved)


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