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Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL)

This medial is similar in concept to the UK NPPL(A).It is only be valid for flight in the UK or countries that have an arrangement with the UK e.g. France. 

The LAPL is not limited to aeroplanes: LAPLs for helicopters, balloons and sailplanes will also be available.

It will not be necessary to hold a Class 1 or Class 2 medical: Instead, there will be a specific LAPL Medical Certificate.

The medical standard similar to that of a DVLA HGV driving licence but does have some specific standards for particular conditions. 

The DVLA medical guidelines can be found here: DVLA Medical Guidelines

The Application form needs to be completed via Cellma prior to each medical. This will involve logging on, paying the CAA Administrative fee and completing the medical application form. 

It is your responsibility to declare any medical issues, including mental health problems at the time of the medical. Failure to do so, could mean your medical is declined , or at worse could result in prosecution. 


Important note: please ensure you bring photo identification with you to your appointment and any previous medical certificate. This will need to be produced at the time of your medical examination.




  • Medicals can be undertaken by the Pilots registered GP or an AME

  • Initial and over 50 require examination (history based in between if uncomplicated)

  • Validity = ICAO

    • 60 months to age 40

    • 24 months over 40


Although GPs can undertake medicals, if there is a problem they will have to refer to an AME. This 'second' opinion will be charged as for a medical, as it will involve significant work.

If in doubt re your medical fitness - go to an AME first.


This is a link to the CAA website giving details of the LAPL: click here 

Chaperone Policy


Any person of either sex can either bring or ask for provision of a chaperone to be present during the medical examination. If you would like one provided, please mention at time of booking as it might be difficult to provide at short notice.

The medical does not involve any intimate examination other than the undertaking of the ECG which would require access to the chest for the placement of electrodes.

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